it’s me

I love God, I love people, and I love life! I’m a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, small group leader, friend, a secretary, and joy-giver! I absolutely love being a “Granny” to 3 awesome grandchildren. Audrey (10 – our artist.singer.snuggler) and Bishop (6 – our Thomas the Train expert) and Maddox (almost 3 – our tractor and crane finder).  It’s like living in a whole new world!

I have a wonderful husband, who loves me and we plan to grow old together. We have been through many storms in the past 15 years, to name a few:

  •  2 literal storms (Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike), where we lost practically everything in our home. Don’t feel sorry for us. God was of course with us through it all and His blessings have been more than we deserve.
  • Victory over diabetes; my husband has had a kidney and pancreas transplant and no longer has diabetes. I call that a miracle and say TYJ every day!!! (Thank You Jesus)
  • Believing for his eyesight to return to normal (God is fully able to heal and restore). He makes all things new!

Random things about me:

  • Love. Love. Love. Pink!!!
  • I like M&Ms (any kind)
  • I enjoy rainy days, only when I’m home.
  • Reading is on my list of likes.
  • I enjoy having a garden, but honestly, my husband does all of the work.
  • Who needs a BFF? Donna is my NFC! (long story – leave me a comment if you’re curious) She is my bosom friend, kind of like Anne/Diana or David/Jonathan. She laughs at my jokes and corrects all my clichés! We see everything in color. She got me hooked on a foolish game because that’s what true friends do, right? It’s called “My Crazy Kitchen.” It’s a silly game, kind of like Candy Crush, but I can create characters using my friends’ faces and as I play the game, my friends come to visit me in my kitchen. Don’t judge me!!
  • I love my job as secretary of our home church at Assembly Christian Center. It gives me opportunities that many people never get to experience. Praying with people and watching God change their situation. That brings great joy to my heart!

Enough about me… I want my life to be all about HIM! I pray that as I blog things about my life, you will get to know the GOD I live to honor and serve!

Forever Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


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