31 Days of MORE than a SONG


More than a Song!

Welcome to my 2nd Write 31 Days Challenge! Last October was my first time ever doing something like this and I was quite surprised to have 1722 views on my blog.  I shared 31 JOY Stories and I am currently working on the book, compiling those stories and possibly more. Pray for me!

So, here I go again! I invite you to visit me on my blog through the cool breezy days of October (if you live north of Louisiana). Actually, today is a breezy day in the South. The theme I’ve chosen is “More than a Song” and here’re my thoughts

Growing up with the radio always playing at our house, I would sing the songs and not even think about the words. We easily learned the words and would sing them again and again. Most of the time I had no conscious idea of what we were was singing. Then… I gave my life to Jesus and the songs I sang changed. If I were shopping at a store and heard an old song playing, the words would come back so quickly. Only now, I began to listen to the lyrics and was totally shocked at the words I was singing.

When I first began to serve the Lord many years ago, it was the better-than-best decision I had ever made.  Understanding the meaning of living for Jesus, made my desires change. The things I loved changed. At church, my favorite part was song service and every time I attended, I would sing out with all my heart. For years it was just that…. song service.

In 1996 I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that turned my song service into true worship. Each song became More than a Song.  It became a place. It still becomes a place where I sense the Lord drawing near. The words come alive and I can abandon myself and offer Him my heart of worship. The songs I write about will be a reminder that our worship is more than a song! I want my life to be all about HIM!!! I really hope you will take the time to listen to the song at the end of each post.

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye

October 1   Song 1: Heart of Worship
October 2 Song 2: Thank You
October 3  Song 3: Breakthrough
October 4  Song 4: There is None Like You
October 5  Song 5: God of Miracles
October 6  Song 6: Let Me Be Filled
October 7  Song 7: Darkness Falls
October 8  Song 8: Spirit of the Living God
October 9  Song 9: You Are
October 10  Song 10: I Need You More
October 11  Song 11: Closer
October 12  Song 12: When You Walk Into the Room
October 13  Song 13: If I Have You
October 14  Song 14: Not for a Moment
October 15  Song 15: Beautiful Day
October 16  Song 16: Word of God Speak
October 17 Song 17: Worthy, Worthy
October 18  Song 18: Let it be Jesus
October 19  Song 19: Eye of the Storm
October 20  Song 20:  Jesus Love Me
October 21  Song 21: Made Me Glad
October 22  Song 22: Healing is Here
October 23  Song 23: When My World Falls Apart
October 24  Song 24: Made a Way
October 25  Song 25: I Call Your Name
October 26  Song 26: Shackles
October 27  Song 27: O Come to the Altar
October 28  Song 28: Find Me
October 29  Song 29: Praise You in the Storm
October 30  Song 30: Rescue
October 31  Song 31: Thank YOU
November 14  Song 32: Fullness
January 26  Song 33: Take Courage