steady {Five Minute Friday}

I only have 5 minutes… setting the timer for FMF:


When I hear the word –steady I think of my Lord and Savior, Jesus. He is the steadiest One I know. He never stumbles or falls.

Thoughts that come to mind on the word, STEADY:

Steady…. He’s the man I am committed to being with and no one else. (like my husband)

Steady… it’s what it takes to balance something; a steady hand.

Steady… something firm and fixed. Unchanging.

Steady… Slow and steady wins the race. Consistent. Persistent.

I look at the picture of these rocks and how they can be stacked just so and they don’t fall. I can say, my relationship with Jesus is steady as long as I seek Him daily; as long as I meditate on His Word daily. Without his steady presence in my life, I would have chaos. Thank God for His steady hand guiding my life.


Living in His Joy!
Eva Raye



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