worth {Five Minute Friday}

audrey bishop maddox

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I’m at a place in my life where I have to keep reminding myself…

It’ll all be worth it in the long run; meaning, it will pay off.

Lessons I’ve learned growing up, becoming a mother and raising my children are valuable now. When I was learning from my mistakes, I was thinking… it’s just not worth it. But sticking with something long enough is worth it.

My husband and I are so blessed to have the opportunity to spend valuable time and speak into the lives of our grandchildren. They are worth more than anything the world can offer.

Audrey, Bishop, and Maddox.

Audrey Girl   Bishop   Maddox

I’m “Granny” to the first two, Audrey and Bishop. But Maddox has a little harder time sounding out his ‘g’ so I’m “NeNe” to him.

I love what my pastor says about grandkids… They are a parent’s reward for not killing their own kids.

I love them so much. But I can’t always say “yes” every time they ask for something. I’d be teaching them that life is about taking instead of giving. I want them to grow up and become responsible adults who love the Lord with all of their heart. After all… they will be parents to my great grandchildren one day. The disappointments they experience and the obstacles they overcome now will be worth it when they are older.

It’s hard, but I keep telling myself…

It’s gonna be worth it!


Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


4 thoughts on “worth {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Thank you Eva for this important reminder, that hard things now will be worth it later, or in the end. I had a late in life transformation with God, so my life is radically different than it was. I love that God uses our pain and difficulties for His good and to help others. All we do or have done is worthwhile to Him. Blessings, Julie

  2. Love this! I especially like your encouragement to stick to it for the long haul. That can be hard. Especially if the long haul in your mind is two weeks and four months in God’s mind.

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