expect {Five Minute Friday}


I’m setting the timer and…


When I hear the word EXPECT, I immediately think of God. You know… my Savior and my Lord.

I expect Him to hear me when I pray.

I expect Him to comfort me when I cry.

I expect Him to listen to me when I call.

My granddaughter always expects us to buy her something every time we went shopping. So much that one time, when she was about 6, we decided it was not a good idea to let her pick out something. So when she asked for a stuffed animal, she expected us to say, sure. When we didn’t… she said, “Why are y’all acting like this? You are supposed to say yes.” This little girl lives with high expectations.

I want to always live like this.

When I met my mom at the hospital in September, I didn’t expect them to tell us that she had Leukemia.

But my expectations changed once I began to pray and asked God to move. He is meeting my expectations. He is doing things that amaze me.

In the waiting, I will not expect the worse… I will fully EXPECT Him to do what I ask, as I pray according to His will.

Expect with me, in Jesus name.



Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


One thought on “expect {Five Minute Friday}

  1. May you always meet God’s will in your prayers and experience how He hears you!
    And the very best to your mom and your family. May you all meet God in the midsts of this huge challenge.
    Stay blessed, your fmf neighbour.

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