Future {Five Minute Friday}

FMF Future


So what comes to mind when I saw the word prompt: FUTURE

This song comes to mind. Faithful God (Lyrics)

God above the world I know  │ God above all I hold dear no matter what the circumstance God above, I trust in You

Though I walk through the darkest night  │ You hold my hand I know the sun will shine again  My hope is found in You

Faithful God, You stay the same │ I know Your promises remain  though the future is unclear to me │ Faithful God

It’s a song my pastor’s son, Kristopher Neel, wrote years ago. It’s the first song that ministered to me the week after Hurricane Rita destroyed our home.

We live in South Louisiana and our house has flooded twice… 2005 (Hurricane Rita) and 2008 (Hurricane Ike). When something like this happens, you don’t know what the future holds.

The Insurance Company wasn’t sure they would allow us to gut our home and remodel it. So, in faith, we took the insurance check and paid off a home that was now worthless in the messed-up-nasty-muddy-wet state it was in.

The future always comes after the storm. In the near future, 2 months later… people came from the all around the world volunteering to assist families in repairing their homes.

Now, almost 12 years in the future.

We have been through 2 storms leaving our home flooded 2 times, and both times, God was faithful to walk (swim) with us through to the other side.

Everything paid in full. Praise God for His Faithfulness and Blessings!

For the full story you can go to one of my Joy Stories: Rita… she tried to steal my joy! and Ike came to visit

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


3 thoughts on “Future {Five Minute Friday}

  1. I need to trust in the fact that God is my anchor. I need to trust that He will see me through the storms. I get so focused on my circumstances that I often forget the big picture. Thank you for your encouragement.

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