Visit {Five Minute Friday}


Here I go again… stepping out and doing a new thing. Another post as part of the Five Minute Friday link-up. FMF is where bloggers gather together to form a writing flash mob where we all write on a one-word prompt for 5 minutes with no editing.

The Word this week is: Visit



It’s what we do when life slows down or we slow life down.

Spending time with others is necessary.

I love early mornings, doing devotions with my husband. We visit with each other as we share what God is speaking to us before our day gets busy.

I love when my kids come to visit us.

Visiting family.

My Friday visit with my bosom friend, Donna.

Electronics has robbed us of the art of visiting. Everyone is looking at their phone, reading their Facebook page, communicating through text or email. People have forgotten how to visit.

When we visit, it’s often hard to say goodbye, but we know that we will meet up again.

There’s One who does so much more than visits me. I never have to say goodbye to Him. God inhabits (dwells) the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). So when you praise Him, He will not just come and go as a visitor does. He will come and fill you with His presence. And He will never leave you.

Take time to visit your family and friends often.

Spend time with your Savior and enjoy His company continually.


Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye



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