take courage


My husband was drawn to this song a few weeks ago. He added it to our morning worship playlist and we began singing it. It’s becoming a favorite this week.

Do you ever talk to yourself? It’s okay. I’m sure we can all admit we’ve done it. This song is kind of like giving yourself a pep talk. A don’t-give-up-don’t-give-in talk. Sometimes we have to tell our heart, soul, and mind a few things. Like… when you are waiting and waiting and waiting for God to bring you to the other side of your situation. This is the perfect song to pray. Remind yourself out loud that He truly is in-the-waiting.

Take courage. Stay steadfast. Hold on. Sing praise. Find strength in joy. Don’t forget.

Take Courage    -lyrics-

Slow down, take time │breath in, He said │ He’d reveal what’s to come │the thoughts in His mind │ always higher than mine │ He’ll reveal all to come

Take courage, my heart │ stay steadfast, my soul │ He’s in the waiting │ He’s in the waiting

Hold on to your hope │ as your triumph unfold │ He’s never-failing │He’s never-failing

Sing praise, my soul │ find strength in joy │ let his words lead you on │ do not forget his great faithfulness │ He’ll finish all he’s begun

And You who hold the stars │ who call them each by name │ will surely keep Your promise to me │ that I will rise in Your victory

Miracles happen when we fix our eyes on JESUS CHRIST │ in the light of His face, all are questions fade.

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye