YOU are

I always look for songs that sing to God, and not about Him. “You Are” is one of those songs. Below is an excerpt from a devotional book we have, Letters From God, author Ivan Tate. It’s a book of letters that God gave Him to speak over us, God’s children. This is the perfect writing for this post.   

Sing Your Way to Me
Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him; Talk of all His wondrous works! 1 Chronicles 16: 9 Singing is My gift to you. It puts wings on your burdens, it crushes discouragement, and it cleanses the atmosphere of all heaviness. When you feel like complaining, sing, and your complaints will be turned to praise. When you feel like quitting, sing, and your soul shall grow new wings. When you feel unsure, inadequate, and unqualified, sing to Me—not about Me. When you sing to Me, you give Me your heart. You let me wrap My love and peace around you. Singing is devil repellent; it chases the blues away. Singing untwists the heart and allows My grace to freely flow through it. Never be ruled by your feelings. Never surrender to the negative emotions that try to become your tutors, mentors, and Holy Spirit. Let My presence surround you while you sing. If you will do this, the choirs of heaven will harmonize with you, and your loving worship will be heard throughout the halls of heaven. Your singing becomes an offering of love, a rejection of fear, and an embracing of Me. Now slow down, sit down, and sing your way to Me and to your victory.

Singing is a powerful weapon. Wonderful medicine. I love what it says: “Sing to me, not about me. When you do this you give Me your heart.”  Here’s a good song to sing to Him, so sing your heart out!

You Are

You are the love of my life │ You are the hope that I cling to │ You mean more than this world to me │ I wouldn’t trade You for silver or gold │ I wouldn’t trade You for riches untold │ You are, You are my everything 

I wouldn’t take one step without You │ I could never go on │ I couldn’t live one day without You │ I don’t have the strength to make it on my own  │  until the world stops turning │ until the stars fade  from the sky │ until the sun stops striving │ I need You in my life │ and here’s the reason why 

You are, You are my everything

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye



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