thank you


This song is one that is written from a thankful heart. The words are clearly understood. No mistake in what is being sung. 


How do I say thank You, Lord │ For the way that You love │ And the way that You come
For all that You’ve done │ All that You’ll do │ My heart pours out │ Thank You

Do you ever want to say more than “thank you” but couldn’t find better words? This worship song helps me to pour out my heart to worship my loving Savior!  

You don’t have to come │ But You always do │ You show up in splendor │ And change the whole room

I love this line. Jesus doesn’t have to come when we worship, but in the moment He hears my heart cry out, he shows up. He is looking for worshipers. So when He finds me worshiping, he comes and the atmosphere in the room changes. 

How do I say thank You, Lord │ For the life that You gave │ The cross that You bore

This happens in true worship. We are reminded of all that Jesus has done for us. He gave His life for me. That makes me want to say more than just “thank you.”

For the love You poured out │ To ransom my soul │ My hearts pours out │ This thankful song

It’s true!!! His love is unending. He pours out His love over me daily. So in response, I pour out my heart of gratitude to Him daily. 

You walk through all my walls │ conquered my shame │ Stepped into my past │ Fill my world with grace

All the walls that kept me away from this amazing love… He steps right through those walls into my past and conquers my shame and replaces it with grace. It doesn’t get better than that, my friend.

You didn’t have to come │ But You wanted to

I love this… He didn’t have to come but He WANTED to! What a Savior I have. He WANTS to be with me. He WANTS to come into my messy world and change it. You can trust Him to be faithful in showing up every time you choose to worship Him. 

I say Thank You

So… I say thank you, Jesus! 

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


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