is God saying wow, wow?






WOW! WOW! We say this throughout the summer while tending to our garden. It always amazes me year after year… I place these tiny little seeds in the ground and cover them with dirt. In about a week, they begin to break through the ground.

“Let the fields and their crops burst out with joy! Let the trees of the forest sing for joy” Psalms‬ ‭96:12‬ ‭NLT‬‬

It’s like the plants burst out of the ground with joy!!! One small seed can produce 12-15 zucchini. Another seed can give us 30 tomatoes. And the cucumber seed will yield the same.  I’ve never kept track of how much we yield from each plant, but I am always amazed! If you’ve never planted anything, you should give it a try. All you need is a pot or a small space of ground and some dirt, a little time and a lot of water. In the same way, to allow God to plant truths into the soil of our hearts, we just need a little space alone with him and we will begin to grow in our relationship with Him!

About the water… Plants get thirsty! So you have to give them water to help them grow. If you don’t give them the water they need, they will shrivel up and eventually die. What a picture of what happens in our lives if we don’t recognize our thirst. God creates a thirst in us for His presence and His Word.  When we wait in His presence daily and meditate on His Word, he waters our hearts and causes us to grow in our relationship with.

Sometimes we find that production slows down. A productive garden needs a boost every now and then, but not too much. A good fertilizer is what it takes to recharge the plants. Once a month we water the garden with liquid Miracle Grow (love that name). A few hours after we water the plants they begin to stretch toward the sun, standing at attention. In our lives, we need Miracle Grow… It’s called Revival. When we get recharged or revived we become like the plants.  We raise our hands toward heaven in praise to the One we love!!!

About the multiplying… One seed will continue to reproduce more and more fruit or in our case, more vegetables. That’s what God does in us. We spread the love that God has poured out on us and it begins to multiply. One new believer after another.

So… As God looks down from Heaven… What is He saying about you?  I want Him to say, “WOW! WOW!”

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


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