having church


I’m so thankful that we have a place to worship each week at Assembly Christian Center. Believers in some countries are in danger of imprisonment or even death if they are found meeting together as Christians. Let’s not take for granted the privilege we have.

There are three things that have to happen for me to say “we’re having church.”

1)  Coming together to Worship the Lord freely.
2)  Hearing the true Word of God being preached.
3)  Seeing lives transformed, including my own.

worship god

Worshiping the Lord freely! This happens weekly at ACC as our worship team leads the congregation into God’s presence with anointed songs of worship to our God and King. Of course, worship is more than a song. It’s an attitude of the heart. We use music/songs to express our love to Him and lift up His name! Many times the words of a song will say just what you wanted to say to the Lord. He deserves more than we could ever give Him, so in worship, we focus on Him alone! Our purpose is to touch His heart with our surrender. It’s not about what we get out of the worship time during the service. It’s all about HIM and for HIM! But you shouldn’t wait for Sunday to offer Him your worship. Meet with Him daily, pouring your heart out to Him. Sing loud… Sing softly… He will love it when it comes from a pure heart!

Hearing the Word of God! This is very important. When you are attending a church service, the Word should be preached from the pulpit. Bring your bible and follow along. At ACC, Pastor Paul and the pastoral staff will be sure to bring a fresh anointed word week after week. They live what they preach. I encourage you to study the Word for yourself. God will speak to you through His Word.

When God is in the House… lives are changed! The Spirit of the Lord moves at ACC. Some have said that when they walked into the building, they immediately felt God’s presence.

This is just a few things that should happen when you are in church:

The broken are made whole.
The hopeless receive hope.
The weary get strength.
The blind will see.
The sick will become well.
The lonely will find fellowship.
The lost will find THE WAY!!!

And that, my friend, is having church!

That is the JOY in my story!
God has given me a place to belong in the family of God! It’s a safe place to worship and grow in my walk with the Lord! There is great joy in watching as lives are being transformed by the power of a Living God. Church should be something the whole family experiences. What I love about ACC, we offer something for the whole family! The babies are loved on, the toddlers are being taught on their level, the grade school students and teens are ministered to as well.  If you don’t have a home church, I highly recommend you find one. The doors of Assembly Christian Center are always open.

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


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