closet living


What I’m sharing today, I experienced when I was living through a roller coaster of emotions, feelings of rejection, betrayal. I desperately needed to find that place of refuge. My definition of refuge: a place you go to get away from something, someone; a place where you feel safe and protected.

Looking in Psalms, at David’s life in the secret place; he could vent his anxious thoughts, get renewed in God’s love, assured of His Father’s protection, and healed from the wounds of man’s rejection, he regained strength… When you find that secret place… God is already there waiting.

prayer closet

I want to share this verse, Matthew 6:6 – When you pray, enter into your closet and lock your door, and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you…

At a very tough time in my life, someone gave me $5, saying it was just a little something to help out. I was thankful, and later thought it was strange. I tucked the 5 bucks in my wallet, wondering why the Lord wanted to bless me with it. A few days before Valentine’s Day, I was at the drug store and passed by the card aisle. My eyes landed on this little box. When I picked it up and read it, I laughed. How cute!

The conversation went like this:
The Lord whispered in my ear, “This box is My Valentine to you!”
My reply, “How can it be from you, Lord? I would be buying it.”
The Lord, “I gave you the money to buy it. It’s from Me.”

Okay… so I’m sure you want to know what the box said:


“Remember, when the going gets tough… You can always come over and hide in the closet with me!”

Did you know that God is cool like that? How often does someone get a Valentine from God!

Here are a few things I’ve learned in the closet with God:

  • I’ve learned how to complain right. Instead of running to others, I run to Jesus!
  • It’s in that closet, I can share my deepest thoughts with my Savior. He already knows what’s on my mind.
  • In the secret place, I am alone with Him. I can tell Him exactly how I feel because He already knows.
  • In that place of refuge, He will love me and give me the strength to get back in life.

Here are a few things that work for me in the closet with God:

  • Quiet yourself for a moment, then ask God to speak to you.
  • Worship Him! Sing a few songs. This usually stirs my heart to pray. An often, the words to the song, is just what my heart wanted to say. Also, the songs will help me to stay focused on HIM.
  • READ the Word: God will speak to me through His word.
  • Keep a notepad or your “Notes” app on your phone close by. If you are distracted by something you need to do, jot it down and get focused again. Also, write down anything God is speaking to you. If you wait until later, it will probably escape you.

I’ve never met anyone who has said they regret getting alone with the Lord. I pray that you will make it a priority to spend time in the closet with God. He is waiting there to lavish His love on you!

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


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