ike came to visit us


Where we live, hurricanes are very familiar to us. 2006, a year after losing almost everything we owned after Hurricane Rita, we were comfortably settled into our newly remodeled home. It was so nice. New appliances, new carpet, new flooring, new sheetrock walls, new furniture, new stuff! Life goes on after Rita!

2008: Then it happens! Everyone rushes about to get ready for another hurricane. Tie down everything in the yard, pack for the evacuation. Hurricanes are one thing, but when they start announcing another storm surge… not again? Just 3 years after Rita came and flooded our home, we are facing another possible flood. [Breathing a prayer], we busy ourselves, lifting everything we have as high as we can, hoping to keep things above water.

The day Ike came to visit us, we weren’t home. We were visiting our precious friend, Debbie. She no longer had that huge house in Jackson, Mississippi. But she did offer us a Camp they own in Como, Mississippi. Of course, we couldn’t pass up the offer. The camp was more than we could ask for. Very nice and cozy. We even had the opportunity to drive to her home, and have dinner with her and her husband. We are enjoying ourselves, as though it’s a vacation.

While we are away, the news is reporting another storm surge expected to flood Vermilion Parish. Instead of screaming and fretting, or fearing the worst… I think, Oh joy! I get to remodel my home again. Why be miserable about something you can’t change. Just go with the flow; literally!

September 13, 2008: Hurricane Ike pays us a visit. The waters rise, one foot, two feet and stops at three feet this time.
Question: What’s the difference between Ike and Rita?
Answer: One foot!

recliner molded     trash at road

Authorities allowed us back into our homes 2 days after the hurricane passed. Just like before, we had mud and water everywhere, just not quite as high. Our insurance policy was maxed out so we were able to use the money to repair and replace everything. God was faithful to provide, as He always does! Not only did He provide the funds, he provided servants. Master’s Commission team and friends, all showed up at our house to gut the inside. Again, everything had to get tossed, except for the things that we were able to place high enough not to get flooded. I have new appliances, new carpet, new flooring, new sheetrock walls, new furniture, new stuff! Let’s me just say, God multiplies His blessings!

christmas    2012 pictures and videos 436

Okay, so yes… our house flooded, not once but twice. Really, what can I do about it! Count it all joy!
We are back to celebrating Christmas and birthday. Life is back to normal. God is Ever Faithful!

Think on this:
“Whom have I in heaven but you? I desire you more than anything on earth.” Psalm 73:25
“Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.” 1 John 2:15

Here’s my attitude:  Everything I own is just stuff. It can all be replaced. The only thing of value is people. Don’t love your stuff! Love your family and friends, the lost. I have run out of time, but I want you to know this. When storms come, you can rise above the storm. You just have to change your perspective. The way to do that, get a Word from God and stand! He. Is. More. Than. Able!

Still Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


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