no more yesterdays


What do I mean by, “No More Yesterdays?” Have you ever fallen asleep on a Monday night and woke up on Monday morning? Of course not. When you wake up, Tuesday is waiting for you. Monday is over. That was yesterday. Some people are still living in their yesterdays. And that, I’ve learned, is a waste of time. I’m just saying!!!

Years ago, I use to let my yesterdays replay in my mind, over and over again! It tormented me and robbed me of my Joy! One day, the Lord spoke to me clearly, “Eva, yesterday is never coming back. It’s over! Stop dwelling on it!”


Regardless of whether your yesterday was a good day or a bad day, don’t stay there. If yesterday brought you pain, betrayal, lies and disappointments… remember this, it’s over. You have to decide what you’re going to do with it today. That isn’t always an easy thing to do. You have a real enemy in this world and he wants to push these things in your face; resentment, unforgiveness, depression, suspicion, and any other tools to keep you bound by your yesterdays! You have to let go of whatever is stealing your joy… the sooner you do, the sooner God can heal your broken heart. Choose to forgive. Choose to walk away. You don’t have to defend yourself. “The Lord will be your defence.” Psalm 94:22

I don’t know how that makes you feel, but that sets me free! I don’t have to defend myself!

When we dwell in the past, we are stuck in a place that is no longer reality. The truth is… today, right now is your reality! If you need a place to dwell, I’ve got the perfect place: dwell in God’s presence. Just take time to sit at His feet and give Him your heart, again! It’s what He wants. That’s where you’ll find healing from yesterday’s pain, joy for today and faith for tomorrow!

Just remind yourself… “Yesterday is never coming back. It’s gone! It’s over! I will never see it again!”
And if yesterday was great you can proclaim, “God has even greater things in store for me.”  Psalm 31:19

I love the way The Message writes it: What a stack of blessing you have piled up for those who worship you, ready and waiting for all who run to you to escape an unkind world. You hide them safely away from the opposition.”

roses heb 13.8

And TODAY is where I am, Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


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