he sang over me


It happened in 1997 at a “Catch the Fire” Conference.
Setting: a worship experience during one of the meetings.
Position: sitting on the floor near my seat.
Encounter: There is no other way to describe this except to say, I was wrapped in HIS presence. It was as though I was not even in that meeting.

sitting on floor

As I sat with my eyes closed, I saw this huge stone blocking the entrance to some kind of cave. I thought I wonder what is behind that stone. I said, “God, I want to go in there.”

SUDDENLY:  I was in there, on my knees surrounded by deep cold darkness. Then suddenly the ground began to rumble violently. My heart pounded in my chest. Then a glorious light came bursting in and broke through the darkness. I opened my eyes and saw the figure of a body lying across what looked like a long wooden bench. The brightness of this light encircled the body. I saw Him. He rose from the table and removed the veil that was wrapped around his face. I had no doubt that it was My Savior, Jesus Christ! He moved toward me, and our eyes locked. He took the veil in his hand and placed it over my head, and said: “You are my bride!” Then he kissed me on my forehead and cheek, wrapped his arm around my shoulder and we disappeared from that scene.

Another SUDDENLY:  I was standing in a balcony hallway. Again, Jesus appeared, walked up to me and said, “You are my bride!” We began to dance. If that wasn’t awesome enough, He sweetly sang, “There is none like you. No one else can touch my heart like you do. I could search for all eternity long and find, there is none like you.” Then he kissed me on my forehead and cheek, lifted me in His arms and brought me across the threshold.

bride of christ 2

A third SUDDENLY:  I was standing in front of a church; a beautiful church with gold doors covered in brilliant, sparkling jewels. These doors stood tall, at least 30 feet high. As the doors opened and I stepped inside, I noticed that my clothing was exchanged for a beautiful, but a simple white dress. Right away, I knew that a wedding was about to begin. As I stood in the back of the church and gazed at the splendor of it all, the only thing to be seen at the altar was pure blinding brightness. I knew that what I was seeing was the Brightness of Father God! Through the Marvelous Light, I caught a glimpse of a man, standing at the right hand of this Holy God. My heart, beating fast, for I knew that I was the bride, waiting for my groom. Without words, I heard the Son say, “Is it time? Is it time for me to go and get my bride?” And the Father says, “Yes, Son. Go and get your bride!” The Son, Jesus Christ ran up the aisle to get his bride. (that’s me) Together we make our way down the aisle and leap into the unending light.

The JOY in my story:
I am trembling with tears as I write this because it is as real now as it was then.

This may be hard for you to believe, but it is all true… right down to the very last detail. He did sing that beautiful song over me, not once, but twice. The second time He sang it over me, I was in church, worshiping with our congregation. Our pastor began to sing, “There is none like you. No one else can touch my heart like you do. I could search for all eternity long and find, there is none like you.”  As I tried to sing the song, I was brought back to that place again, where Jesus was singing over me. I began arguing with myself and the Lord, saying, “Eva, this is wrong, stop thinking like this.” I told the Lord, “No, Lord! You can’t sing those words to me. I need to sing them to you.” Then Pastor Paul stopped playing the song, and said to us as a church, “I’m going to sing this song again, but this time, I want you to listen to your Groom as He sings to you, His bride!” Then he told us about how the Lord sang this same song over him, while he was at the mall. He had the same reaction as me. “No Lord, I need to sing this song to You!”

I”m telling you… I can’t make this stuff up. It happened just like that.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t feel like a bride. I’m not going to explain it all! Let me just say this… life brings disappointments to us all. And I was going through some very heartbreaking issues and Jesus came and comforted me, assuring me that I was His bride! Someone might say, “Who does she think she is, that God would really do that for her.”

I know who I am! I am My Beloved’s and He is mine!

my beloved
He will sing over you, too, if you will sit at his feet and pour out your heart to Him.
His Word says, “I will never turn away anyone who comes to Me.”  John 6:37

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


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