beautiful feet


I love when this happens at our house! We have so much JOY when these little shoes are hanging around for a while. It’ means two of the funnest little people are spending time with us. And that, my friend, is CRAZY JOY!

My pastor once said, “Grandchildren are a parent’s reward for not killing their own children!” Each one of the pictures I post tonight has a story. What more can I say but, “MY CUP OVERFLOWS!!! It’s never half empty… it’s never half full! It overflows with the blessings of the Lord!

Bishop, Granny, Poppa, Audrey…              and Maddox

image image
One night… just hanging out in our bedroom! Always up to something fun! This little guy stole my chair and snuggy blanket! I gladly gave it up for Granny’s Boy!

image image
His new favorite Super Hero… Larry Boy! You should see this kid put out fires!

image image image

Never a dull moment with Audrey Girl!  This girl has so many faces. Makes us laugh all the time! And to see that smile on her face… she’s my joy bubble! And she even likes to catch lizards. She didn’t get that from me!

image image

Look at this cutie, Maddox! He is sitting up all by himself. That’s pretty impressive from a Granny and Poppa’s perspective. He hasn’t done much yet, and we are still proud of him!

Psalm 103:17  But the steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear him, and his righteousness to children’s children. 

Make every opportunity to spend with your grandchildren. And when you do, make deposits of godly teaching and training in their lives. Just this weekend we were driving down the road and “Write Your Story!” was playing. Of course, we all began to dance and sing out and very loud, I’d say!

Some of the lyrics in this song:
My life, I know it’s never really been mine
So do with it whatever You like
I don’t know what Your plan is
But I know it’s good, yeah

I wanna tell You now that I believe in
I wanna tell You now that I believe in
In You, so do what You do, oh

I’m an empty page
I’m an open book
Write Your story on my heart
Come on and make Your mark

You should have been there! There was so much JOY in our car!!! I’m smiling as I write this because… well…

My. Heart. Is. Full!!!

Living in HIS joy!
Eva Raye


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