fresh oil

I was reminded of a time when The Holy Spirit was moving powerfully in our church and many were being transformed! One night after the service, I was spending some time at the altar. The only way to describe what was happening… it was as though The Holy Spirit was like oil flowing through my body and I could literally feel him moving. I was so in awe of His manifest presence in me. I prayed to the Lord saying, “Give me a sign that the Holy Spirit will never run dry in my life. That I will always have the fresh oil of His presence.”

It may seem like that prayer was a little strange, but I desperately wanted the Holy Spirit to daily flow through me. As I left the church that night, I was filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit. As I turned down my street and approached the driveway I noticed a sign in the corner of my yard. Here’s what it looked like:


I began to laugh! I was so amazed that God would literally give me a SIGN in my yard to tell me that I would always have Fresh Oil! (Now… The reason for the sign was because the road workers were about to begin work to blacktop the street on the side of my house.) I serve a God that is so cool!!! He took the time to orchestrate all of this just to assure me that the Holy Spirit would always be available for me. I love my God! Father, Son, Holy Spirit!

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


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