eraser please

eraser for mistakes

I have the most precious granddaughter in the whole wide world. She brings joy to anyone she meets! She is moving on to second grade in the fall. At the beginning of first grade, her teacher asked the class to write a story about one of their favorite things to do. To our surprise, Audrey wrote about working in Poppa and Granny’s garden. The story was so precious, even with a new first-graders spelling challenges. When she brought the story to us, we were so proud of her! At the top of the page, there was a picture of all three of us working in the garden. Even though we noticed the mistakes, it was perfect in our eyes. Poppa and Granny were just thrilled to make it on her ‘favorite’ list!

Nine months forward…

I pulled the story out of my keepsake cabinet and began to read it again. It still brings a smile to my face. I asked Audrey to read it to me and she was quite happy to do so. After she read it she said, “Granny, I need an eraser, please. I need to fix these mistakes.” It seemed like she was a little embarrassed that she had made the errors. It’s amazing that in just nine months time, she noticed the little mistakes. Of course, I told her, “Oh no, honey! I love your story just the way it is.” I wouldn’t dream of trying to fix this sweet story, including every misspelled word. It’s really easy to love anything she makes for us.

As adults, we do that sometimes. It would be great to have a big eraser to remove our mistakes; fix all of our wrongs! But that’s impossible. We may be able to cover things for a while, but eventually, we have to come to the Lord in repentance and ask for his forgiveness. The blood of Jesus is like that eraser Audrey wanted, to be able to fix her mistakes. Because of the cross, His shed blood washes away all of my sins. There is no need to try and erase your sins… His blood is enough!

You are forgiven! I am forgiven!

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


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