love when that happens


Started my day at the office, busy with details for the bulletin, website and Sunday service. I love having a job where I can serve The Lord while I work. It’s awesome. At noon I slipped away to spend a little time with Jesus.

We are hosting a Bible Study called ‘not a fan’ and it has been really challenging. The study comes with a journal that probes my inward thoughts and my heart’s desires and God gently exposes areas where I need to go deeper in Him. As I pursued my answers, I wrote: The path I took this morning was a good one, but I wish there were more opportunities.

Back at my desk… at about 2 o’clock the phone rang and it was a young lady. She wanted to speak to the pastor because (in her words) she wanted him to save her. Unfortunately for my pastor, his opportunity was given to me! This young girl was ready to surrender her life to Jesus and I was ready for the opportunity to share this experience with her. We prayed together and she was so thankful to have someone walk her through this life-changing moment.

I love when this happens! God was with me at noon listening as I wrote my desires for the day and… BAM!

God did it!

The opportunity I was asking for came! I choose to live my life for Him! I can’t imagine a life without Him. If you want your life to be changed call me at the church. I’ll be MORE than HAPPY to pray with you!

Living in HIS Joy!
Eva Raye


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